Our History


The Anglican Church has been an active participant in the provision of education in New South Wales from the earliest days of European settlement.  It maintains a keen interest in all levels of government education as well as playing a significant role in the provision of Anglican education through over forty schools of various ages and sizes.


The current organisation known as Anglican EdComm was established by the Diocesan Synod in September 2006 for the purpose of promoting the implementation of the Diocesan Policy Statement on Education and supporting Christian education within Anglican and government schools. There have been manifestations of a Board of Education within the Diocese for over a hundred years.


Known from 2007 as the Anglican Education Commission, the name was abbreviated in 2014 to Anglican EdComm, to reflect a more contemporary presence within Australian society.


Anglican EdComm is funded through a small grant from the Synod and by the membership fees paid voluntarily by the member schools and the services it provides to member and non-member schools.