Anglican EdComm COVID-19 Policy

updated 30/4/20

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Anglican EdComm is informed by and conforms to the advice of NSW Government Health in matters related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Anglican EdComm Events – Advice to participants

In accordance with NSW Government Health advice, all EdComm events that require the gathering of participants have been cancelled or postponed until the restrictions related to public meetings and COVID-19 have been lifted.

A list of scheduled EdComm events and their current status is provided on the Anglican EdComm website.

Attendance using ‘live streaming’ 

Live-streaming allows participation in EdComm events while the restrictions related to social distancing remain.

Access to EdComm meetings through Live-streaming is detailed on the EdComm website.

Refund Policy

If you are unable to attend an Anglican EdComm event due to illness, home isolation or NSW Government Health advice related to Covid-19 and are unable to participate using live-streaming we will refund registration fees in full.

S Kinsella 

Executive Director

Anglican EdComm