The Stories We Tell

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The Stories We Tell: Making sense of ourselves and our world

We are part of something bigger than ourselves, an over-arching story. These stories help us to understand our past and they inform our sense of self.  We will explore how these stories aren't merely about believing a set of propositions about the world, but they are about the story we see ourselves as being a part of. Engaging well with others and even persuading them means hearing and telling stories, and making sense of the world together that way. 

Date: 20th March, 2019

Venue: TBC

Speaker: Dr Natasha Moore


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Speaker: Dr Natasha Moore

Natasha is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity. She has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Cambridge and is the author of Victorian Poetry and Modern Life: The Unpoetical Age, as well as editor of 10 Tips for Atheists … and other conversations in faith and culture. She has worked for CPX since 2014 and written for the mainstream media on topics that include books, movies, politics,
 food, domestic violence, Scripture in schools, war, Thanksgiving, and freedom of speech.