Pre-event Information

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EdComm On-Demand Webinar Series:

Growing through Conflict by Peacemaking

Pre-event Information


Thank you for registering for the EdComm On-Demand Webinar Series – Growing through Conflict by Peacemaking.


Webinar Overview and Speaker Biography

Click here to access the description of the event and the speakers' biographies.


Online Webinar Access

This is a three part webinar series. Each part of the series will be available on the dates listed below. They will remain available until 31st August, 2021. Upon registering you will be provided with a link to access the webinar series in your ticket.


Part 1 – Understanding Conflict: The Key Theological Principles 

with Rev Dr Keith Condie – 27th May, 2021

Part 2 – Exploring Conflict: Implications for relationships in the workplace 

with Stephanie Schwarz and Rev David Coy – 10th June, 2021

Part 3 – Resolving Conflict: Getting practical in the workplace and in our relationships 

with Stephanie Schwarz and Rev David Coy – 24th June, 2021



If you think of questions following the webinar, the Reflection/Feedback form is a place where you can ask further questions which we will present to the speaker who can provide written answers that we will post on the website along with other material from the event.

Information for Facilitated Groups attending a Webinar

Many of our member schools have indicated a desire to run EdComm events as professional learning groups facilitated on their own campus (such as during a staff meeting or within a dedicated time slot for professional learning). We want to encourage as many schools as possible to build a culture of professional learning and to assist with this we are providing Member Schools with the opportunity to register and facilitate groups. Each school should appoint a 'Group Facilitator' who will be responsible for coordinating the group (this includes registration, however we have simplified the system so you can purchase a block of tickets and then provide us with the individual details later). We have provided material in the form of a guided Reflection/Feedback Survey which could be used as group discussion following the event (It should be noted that we are expecting each participant to complete a Reflection/Feedback Survey.) All the information required, including information for participating staff is contained in the material below.


1. Group facilitator

Each group is required to have a nominated facilitator. They will have registered the group and are responsible for collecting information about each of the participants. Please use the form below to provide the details of each participant attending the event as a part of your group and return it to as soon as you have completed the webinar.

2. Distributing Information to Participants

You will need to provide information about the webinar to each of the participants prior to the event. This information has been collated into a downloadable Information Sheet that you can forward to the participants, including links to the Pre-readings, Presentation Slides and Reflection/Feedback Survey, and a link to the Pre-event Information page on the EdComm website.