2019 EdComm Dinner

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A Vision for Anglican Education

There has always been a strong connection between faith, educational priorities and decision-making in education. But we live in an age where teaching is seen as a secular activity and where the teacher is meant to separate their personal beliefs from the content of their teaching, or sometimes, even suppress them as they teach the children of other parents. This wasn't how teaching was always seen. In fact, for much of human history, teaching has been seen as a deeply religious activity, that is something guided by beliefs shaped by an understanding of an 'Ultimate Reality'. To that end what might the future of education look like for those coming from a faith-based perspective? Moreover, what could our schools look like and what might be possible as we imagine the future of Anglican Education? 

Date: 31st October, 2019

Venue: Rydges Hotel, Parramatta

Speaker: TBC


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Speaker: TBC