Archive: 23/10/2018

Posted by Marilyn Cole 3 years ago

This is Part Four of a six-part series that will look at Kara Martin's book, 'Workship: How to use your work to worship God.' Kara Martin is the keynote speaker at EdComm's annual Integral Project Dinner on October 25.

'Because God is who he is, we cannot be indifferent when his truth and law are flouted, but because man is who he is, we cannot try to impose them by force' (Stott, 1984).

It seems intuitive to the believer that God intended through instruction in the Law to define morality, and to lead humankind to 'the right and the good' (Orr, 2007). However, today, the whole Christian ethic is under attack (Barclay, 1971). This challenge is coming not so much from other religions but from those out of the Judeo-Christian tradition who favour post-modernism. Some will go so far as to say there is no natural law or common morality. Each person's morality is of equal standing, since truth is relative and knowledge is really a matter of interpretation. Issues in the public arena are then said to be 'morally neutral' (Orr, 2007).

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