Archive: 20/02/2020

Posted by Marilyn Cole 21 months ago

As teachers in the twenty-first century we are confronted by an increasingly complex world. Our students are influenced in many ways by the times in which they live; not the least of this is the pervasive influence of the internet through social media and the prevalence of pornography. Whether we are aware or not, increasingly larger numbers of increasingly younger students are being affected by viewing pornography. Some students are motivated by curiosity, some are introduced to it by peers or siblings, and some unintentionally stumble across it. The way a child is introduced to pornography is of little relevance when we come to an understanding of the way it changes their brain and behaviour, and affects relationships.  Many students will testify that once their viewing behaviour becomes entrenched, they experience lack of motivation and other symptoms of anxiety and depression. This is widely documented by the scientific literature. 

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