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Posted by Gail Staples 4 months ago

The Centre for Christian Apologetics, Scholarship and Education was established as a ministry of New College in 2002 by Professor Trevor Cairney. CASE aims to provide Christian commentary on social, intellectual and academic issues, and engage people of all persuasions in debate and discussion concerning contemporary issues of broad interest. Many articles could be used across the humanities subjects in Secondary classes.
‘The CASE Centre reaches well beyond traditional ‘defence’ apologetics and seeks to encourage people to consider the claims of Christianity and bring a biblical perspective to all of life. It does this in many ways:

  • Providing Christian comment on areas of popular and intellectual culture (e.g. music, art, literature, history, science, philosophy, anthropology)
  • Encouraging Christians to live thoughtfully in the way they approach day-to-day life (e.g. work, money, family, social justice)
  • Helping people understand and respond to direct challenges to Christianity (e.g. New Atheism, scientism, the problem of evil, and historical challenges)
  • Providing Christian comment on societal trends (e.g. new technology, globalisation, climate change, changing families)
  • Exploring potential ethical conflicts between Christianity and the world (e.g. euthanasia, sexuality & gender, consumerism)
  • Encouraging Christians to engage the non-Christian world with faithfulness, integrity and understanding’.

A subscription includes full access, however there are a number of free resources including:

  1. Genetics, God, and the Future of Humanity - Dr Denis Alexander. As a huge enthusiast for science, Dr Alexander will be the first to tell us scientists are making lives better for us. Many are aware of the rapid advances in genetics, robotics and other sciences, and as these amazing genetic frontier breakthroughs gather momentum, questions are being asked as to what it means to be human. ‘Whatever the outcome, the advances in genetics, robotics, and the new sciences maybe beyond the intellect of the majority of humankind to comprehend, but not beyond the all-knowing Creator of the universe. In Him we put our trust’.
  2. Teaching Science in Christian Schools - An ISCAST-CASE video lecture series by Dr John Collier and Dr David Ruys.
  3. Personal Identity - Dr Brian Rosner. The 2017 New College lecture series given by Dr Brian Rosner, that explored commonly-held beliefs underpinning much of modern life, whilst considering the Bible’s answers to the most pressing and personal questions of the postmodern world: Who are you? What defines you? What makes you, you? ‘Traditionally, a person’s identity was more predetermined than it is today: where they would live, what they would do, the type of person they would marry, their basic beliefs. In recent years, identity has increasingly become a personal project, enabled by social media to project a person’s chosen image to the outside world. Despite the attractive possibilities that these new opportunities present, many modern factors weigh against a satisfying sense of self: perceptions of personal significance, relationship breakdown, the pace of life itself, multiple careers, consequent social mobility. For increasing numbers of people, modern life has become an environment of identity angst: “being true to yourself” can seem more like a cruel taunt than a piece of realistic advice’.
  4. The porn effect - Patricia Weerakoon.
  5. Other free resources and reviews

A subscription to CASE would be a valuable addition for all school staff and Secondary students.

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of EdComm or the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. The intent is to promote thinking and discussion.