EdComm - What's in a name?

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Posted 5 years ago

EdComm – What's in a name?

Since 2007, the Anglican Education Commission has been promoting, encouraging and supporting people in Anglican schools to ‘do education Christianly’. 

However, from the Moran Study commissioned in 2014, it would seem that our broad range of on-the-ground services in individual schools and universities, while being positively received, have gone somewhat unnoticed by other Anglican schools in the Diocese. 

It became clear that we needed to shout it from the rooftops: Anglican EdComm is about promoting biblically-shaped education! We’re here to work alongside you as a Christian educator at every stage of your career, and we have many services to offer you and your school in your endeavours to teach a Christian worldview. 

What programs and services are available to Member Schools*? 

  • What if Learning 
  • Christians in Teaching
  • Agora 
  • Governance of Anglican Schools 
  • Anglican Religious Education
  • The Integral Project 
  • Leadership   

If you’re the Head of an Anglican school or governor, and you would like a copy of the Strategic plan, contact Bryan Cowling.

*What is a Member School? A member school is one that pays an annual subscription for the services of Anglican EdComm. Is your school a Member? Ask your Principal, Business Manager or contact us.