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Posted 5 years ago

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We don’t shy away from the big issues facing Christian educators! In fact, the Agora team has grappled with many challenging topics over the last few years, including the place of science and religion in education; how to foster a child’s imagination without relegating the Bible to fairy stories and myths, and the place of the Bible in the bigger picture of Education.

Positive psychology

The increase in popularity of the positive psychology movement and its influence on pastoral care and well-being programs in schools is another issue worth tackling.

The positive psychology movement has been gaining momentum as the development of resilience and individual strengths strikes a chord with educators equipping students for 21st century living. How are we to consider this movement from a biblical perspective? How does the Christian faith shape our thinking and the implementation of positive psychology in our well-being programs?

Event details

On June 16, Agora will tackle this issue at PLC Croydon, where the executive staff have had an ongoing and robust conversation addressing these questions. This level of discussion reflects the heart of Agora, seeking to imbue good educators and educational ideas with God’s truths.