Measuring the impact of the Christian ethos in Anglican schools

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Posted 5 years ago

During her recent visit to Australia, Dr Elizabeth Green of Cardus Canada, spoke to EdComm’s Agora forum about measuring the impact of the Christian ethos in our schools. In her presentation, Beth encouraged both teachers and policy makers to remember that Education is about more than academic attainment and standardised tests.

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‘Without judicious measurement, we will know very little about the way in which Christian schools impact the next generation’, she says. ‘There is also the danger that without challenging the existing practices of research and measurement in education we will end up reflecting back the limited view of education embedded within those practices.’

Properly resourced research can provide information about what kinds of people our graduates are in their adult lives—their level of political and civic engagements and the kind of values and character they possess as a result of their time in our schools. This in turn can promote the conversation about what education is really for, to establish credibility, improve professional development, and change teaching and learning practices for the better.

You can hear Dr Green’s presentation in full above.