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Posted by Marilyn Cole 5 months ago

This is Part Five of a six-part series that will look at Kara Martin's book, 'Workship: How to use your work to worship God.' Kara Martin is the keynote speaker at EdComm's annual Integral Project Dinner on October 25.

Stress at work is common even in the best workplaces. A 2015 Stress and Well-being survey by the Australian Psychological Society found a trending increase in workplace stress and anxiety, with 45% of Australians complaining of work-related stress (Martin, 2018, p.38). The causes are varied:

  • long working hours or unreasonable performance expectations
  • the physical environment
  • organisational practices, such as a lack of control over one's work, poor communication, or a lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities
  • changes at work, resulting in insecurity, high turnover, or stifled opportunity for promotion
  • new job demands (for which the worker is not skilled)
  • workplace relationships, including bullying, office politics, conflict, or competition
  • ethical challenges
  • external stressors like changing regulations or economic conditions over which the workplace has no control
  • a toxic work environment (Martin, 2018, p.37-38).

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