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Posted by Peter White 13 months ago

Following on from the Royale Ormsby Martin Lecture entitled 'Teaching for Humanity' in 2016, we invited Dr Mark Stephens to address an Agora forum on the topic of ‘The Integrity of Commitment: Formation not Inoculation’.

The two talks have a great deal of synergy as we continue to consider the impact of secularism and our endeavour to present Christ in our Schools. It is no surprise to say that Western culture has substantially altered its relationship to religion. This has impacted the way education is framed and it has had a peculiar impact on faith-based schools. The greatest impact has been the shift in the way people think and the questions that are asked of, or about faith.

In his talk Dr Stephens explored the way the contemporary experience of the secular age influences the mindset of students in the classroom. He drew on the work of a range of philosophers, particularly Charles Taylor and his work A Secular Age, sociologists, and theologians, to help us consider how Christian formation might be articulated so students develop a mature Christian practice, that balances both cultural engagement and critique.

You can watch a recording of the Agora Forum below. We have included links to the 2016 Royale Ormsby Martin Lecture ‘Teaching for Humanity’ for further reference.

Watch 'The Integrity of Commitment: Formation not Inoculation' here.

For further resources from the evening, click here.

Watch 'Teaching for Humanity' here.