EdComm Internship Program

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'My year as an Intern was challenging and fun as I learnt how to use skills in the classroom and how to incorporate ministry into the classroom. There was the intense experience of being able to work in a school over a year. Being in a school environment as someone other than a student meant there were expectations of me to be organised, neat, punctual and planned. I learnt how to deal with the challenges of real life and I wouldn’t have learnt these anywhere else at this stage of my life.'

- Lucy, 2018 Intern

Rationale for the Internship program 

The EdComm Internship program provides teachers in training and school graduates considering teaching as a career with practical experience in a Christian school.

It is designed to be compatible with Anglican Schools, other like-minded Christian schools, the Youthworks Year 13 Discipleship Program, and Youthworks College.

Many Christian schools and colleges have expressed the need for more committed and capable Christian people to join the teaching profession.

The program is designed to introduce Interns to the experience of Christian teaching and provide them with an understanding of the exciting possibilities and practicalities that a career in teaching holds. Support from EdComm is provided throughout the year, through the EdComm Internship Learning Program (EILP), face-to-face visits and a feedback session at the conclusion of the course.


Purpose of the Internship program 

The purpose of the Internship program is:

  • To promote teaching as a Christian vocation by providing a school experience over the course of a year.
  • To enable Christian schools/colleges to support and enrich the Classroom/Chaplaincy/Christian Studies/Co-Curricular programs with Interns.
  • To enable Interns accessing the program through Anglican Youthworks Year 13 or Anglican Youthworks College to complete their required Ministry hours

In a school, there are many opportunities for Interns to be of assistance – they may be assigned to work in the Chaplaincy area, a primary classroom / stage or high school faculty, or in extra-curricular activities such as sport, CRU meetings or school musicals. Offering a range of experiences enriches the opportunities for Interns.


Pathways into the EdComm Internship Program

There are two pathways into the EdComm Internship Program:

1. Direct - Schools engage their own Interns.

Schools may identify a current Year 12 student or a student from other sources (such as a student already undertaking teacher education) who is interested in having the Intern experience - the school registers the Intern with EdComm to participate in the Intern program (contact Gail Staples: gail.staples@edcomm.org.au).

The school may express interest in participating in the Intern Program and request that  EdComm assist in finding potential Interns to interview for the position.

2. Through Youthworks Year 13 or Youthworks College.

For more information about Year 13 Gap Year program and the school experience pathway go to www.year13.net

Learning Intentions

By the end of this program:-

1. Students will have had practical experience of what a teacher’s life is like in a school;

2. Students will think through the distinctives of being a Christian educator;

3. Students will have had supported practice in leading a CRU/Christian group.

'I learnt how to use life skills, like responding to emails and prepare and coordinate for classes.'

- Tom, 2018 Intern

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'A highlight of the year was seeing students grow in the Holy Spirit over the year and in their deepening of their understanding of God. In my personal skills, I took on more responsibility and was challenged in my Ministry skills.'

- Bek, 2018 Intern

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