EdComm Intern Program Course Overview

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EdComm Intern Learning Program

Semester One

The Semester One program requires approximately twelve (12) hours to complete over Semester 1. This does not include Module 1 Orientation or the Support meeting.  The course is wholly facilitated by the EdComm Program Coordinator.

Module 1: Orientation (Face-to-face)

•       Working in an Anglican/Christian School - general expectations of schools/colleges

•       What is different now that you are a staff member in the school?

•       Professionalism in the workplace

•       The EdComm Internship Learning Program (EILP) – online access and expectations

•       CRU presentation – assisting with Christian groups in the school/college

•       Q & A                                      

 (4.5 hours including two breaks)

Module 2: Support meeting (Face-to-face)

Conducted with an EdComm Internship Program Coordinator. This will be a face-to-face meeting at the school/college placement (1 hour)

Module 3: Forum Posts (Online)

Regular participation in an online forum, responding to questions posed by the learning facilitator - approximately 10-15 minutes per week over 12 weeks

Module 4.1 and Module 4.2: Growing the whole child - socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually (Online)

Module 5:  The Reflective process for Educators (Online)

Module 6:  Word-shaped or World-shaped – a view of Christian education (Online)


EdComm Intern Learning Program

Semester Two 

The Semester Two program requires approximately twelve (12) hours to complete over Semester 2. This does not include Module 10, the final feedback meeting

Module 7: Forum posts (Online)

Participate in an online forum that requires short responses to/reflections on a series of questions.

Module 8.1: Integrating faith and learning (Online) 

Module 8.2: Contemporary issues and worldviews in schools

8.2.1   Applying a Christian worldview to contemporary issues

8.2.2   Defensive or positive apologetics in a post-Christian culture

8.2.3   Practical application of apologetics to topical and challenging issues

Module 9: Reflection (Online)

Interns will reflect on:

-       Their personal development (including skills and accomplishments)

-       Their Intern program experience to inform iterations of the program.

Module 10: Feedback meeting (Face-to-face)