The Cosmos and the Classroom

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The Cosmos and the Classroom

Exploring Faith, Science and God

In Gunning for God, John Lennox says 'The Bible teaches that creation is contingent; that is, God as Creator is free to make the world as and how he likes. Thus, in order to find out what the universe is like and how it works, we have to go and look'.

In this Agora we will explore the importance of science as a discipline to engender wonder in the universe that God has created and how it can affirm faith rather than deny it.



Speaker: Associate Professor Frank Stootman

Frank holds a PhD in Physics and is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Western Sydney. This is an honorary appointment following many years of lecturing and research at the University. His primary scientific interests are astrophysics and computational simulation. He has lectured extensively on the relationship of Christianity (Revelation) to Science (Natural Philosophy). He has eclectic interests in philosophy, music, history, politics, the arts, and film. He is a keen amateur videographer and video editor.

Both Frank and his wife Heather have been involved with L’Abri, in various capacities, for over 30 years. Together, they like to help people see that God is and that becoming and being a Christian is not simply a matter of head knowledge but also heart knowledge. Rather than what one achieves in life, it is living before God faithfully and authentically with integrity that is the real measure of a person.

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Professional Learning Course

The Cosmos and the Classroom is a six-hour, online course that has been designed for educators working at Proficient level. This course draws on scientific knowledge and theological insight and argument to explore the wonder of the universe and its amazing intricate design. Teachers are encouraged to promote a sense of awe and wonder in their students by raising awareness of these features in relevant Science lessons. The course also encourages teachers of Science to explore the nature of scientific truth with their students as well as its limitations, and to consider how they can authentically use the teaching of Science to help students to be prepared to critique the secular understanding of truth.


Upcoming Course Dates and Registration

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