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The effect of pornography and sexualised media on students

A broad body of international research describes numerous negative outcomes from an adolescent’s exposure to pornography.  Some of these effects include adapting attitudes of sexual objectification, increased sexual aggression, increased positivity towards uncommitted sexual exploration, negative gender attitudes, compulsivity and addictive behaviours, reduced self-esteem and increased sexualised behaviours on social media. All of these add up to a worrying trend among our young people.  

In this Agora we explore some of the current research being undertaken and look at ways that our schools can begin to address this issue.

Speaker: Rev Marshall Ballantine-Jones

Marshall Ballantine-Jones is married to Rebecca and has four children. Brought up in a minister’s family, his first postgrad career was in business as a financial analyst and computer programmer, after which he studied at Moore College and became an Anglican minister. After 12 years in various parish-based roles, he moved to Youthworks in 2010 to be the publisher for CEP (Christian Education Publications). H his currently the Chair of the Taskforce for Resisting Pornography and is undertaking a major research project on all aspects of pornography, with particular focus in reducing its impact among teenagers.He likes playing jazz piano, most sports, reading 19th Century fiction, experimenting with malt and hops, and hanging out with his family. Marshall is in his final year of a PhD with the Faculty of Medicine and Health at the University of Sydney.

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Professional Learning Course

Exposed: The effect of pornography and sexualised media on students is an eight-hour, online course and has been designed for educators working at Proficient level. The course has been designed to give you access to some of the current research on the effects of pornography on students and to provide some resources for dealing meaningfully with this issue with both students and parents. It highlights the research of Rev Marshall Ballantine-Jones which is based on Year 9 students but is relevant to teachers of younger students as the research shows that the average age of exposure to pornographic material is 10–11 years.