Teaching Mathematics from a Christian perspective

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Teaching Mathematics from a Christian Perspective

Enabling students to connect, succeed and thrive


Teaching Mathematics is a core component of any school’s teaching and learning framework. It is often viewed as a means to an end by some students rather than a method for a deep exploration of the known world, providing valuable tools for critical thinking and engagement with scientific endeavour and investigation of the world around us. However, in a distinctly Christian educative environment, can the teaching of Mathematics be harnessed to strengthen a school approach to a student’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing?

Is Mathematics a vehicle to provide opportunity for students to actively practise and live out the values being fostered by a school? Can it be a place where values education and character formation are cultivated while students are given opportunity to develop competence and autonomy? Is it possible to foster positive relationships and connectedness through engagement with learning and educational endeavour in the Mathematics classroom?

In this EdComm Agora we explore how the teaching of Mathematics provides Christian educators with an opportunity to develop students’ thinking skills that will prove beneficial for the whole of life, provoke questions and provide a framework where the deeper questions of life can be meaningfully and intelligibly explored.


Speaker: Peter Muddle

BSc (Hons) Dip.Ed MEd

Pete is currently serving as the Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning at St Philip’s Christian College Gosford. In this role he is responsible for teaching, learning and curriculum K-12 at the college, and acts as the St Philip’s Teaching School coordinator for the Gosford campus. Pete is involved in the Cross Campus Teaching and Learning team within the SPCC group of schools, an opportunity to develop research activities in a practical setting with like-minded teachers across the group. He is passionate about Christian education, about developing teachers in their understanding and practice of faith in the classroom through curriculum, something he really enjoys, particularly in his subject area of Mathematics!

Pete is married to Heidi, and they have three daughters Emily, Grace and Amy. They live on the central coast of NSW. When Pete is not hanging out with his family, you can most likely find him walking his dog at the beach or watching his beloved Manly Sea Eagles playing!


Video Recording

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Further Reading for Teacher Identified Professional Learning

Below you will find the readings that have been identified as further reading. These readings will give you further insight into the content of the webinar and will be valuable to inform your thinking.

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Further Video Resources

Below you will find a video that provides an example of a Year 7 Mathematics Project taught from a Christian Perspective.