Aspiring Leaders Network

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Anglican EdComm is committed to developing future leaders at all levels.

The Aspiring Leaders Network aims to provide a platform where current and future educational leaders can be encouraged and developed.

Our role is to support individuals and schools by identifying and training educators who are considering future leadership for every aspect of school life. If you are someone who is considering any future educational leadership position we would encourage you to give thought to becoming part of this professional network.

The Aspiring Leaders Network is designed to professionally develop aspiring leaders who will collaborate in both face-to-face and online forums. The AITSL standards will guide and shape this professional program that will see future leaders developed with the capacity to interact with each other and academic literature in the area of educative leadership.

The Network will give you continued access to professional learning programs (both online and face-to-face), forums, and opportunities for mentoring/coaching within a structured professional learning network.



Mentoring:  A collaborative small group of peers working with a mentor/coach to strategically develop thinking and skills in leadership.
ALN Forums: An interactive, blended professional learning event where participants explore current principles and research in leadership and their interaction with educative practice.
Professional Learning Programs: EdComm provides blended learning programs designed to meet the current needs of educational leaders. By developing our own  programs and by working with exceptional third-party providers a unique professional learning community is created.
Other EdComm Events: Each year EdComm hosts the following professional learning events: Christians in Teaching Conference; Integral Dinner; Agora; Governance Symposium; Teaching as a Vocation.