2021 Conference

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Growing Through Conflict by Peacemaking:

Towards Cultures of Peace in Schools


Conflict is a natural part of human relationships and a normal feature of living with or working alongside others. The longer you work with or know someone, the more likely your opinions and actions are going to bump against their opinion and actions. Most of us realise that many of our relationships are too important to walk away from – and some we simply cannot walk away from. How people handle conflict varies and our responses can fall into unexamined habits. Conflict can become an area that cripples and destroys relationships. However conflict that is managed skilfully is an opportunity for strengthening relationships, for finding fair and equitable solutions, for personal growth in each person and most importantly for pleasing and honouring the Lord Jesus Christ.

In this series of conflict seminars, we have asked the presenters to help us understand the issue of conflict, to work through its implications and to provide us with practical skills that will help us to manage conflict positively.

In Part 1, Rev Keith Condie (Co-Director, Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute, Mary Andrews College) will present a theology of conflict and conflict resolution.

In Parts 2 and 3, Rev David Coy (Anglican Minister and Director of Turning Point Ministry Services) and Stephanie Schwarz (Psychologist) will help us to explore some further biblical ideas around conflict, and then to think through the implications of conflict in the work place. Practical skills to deal with conflict at a personal level and to resolve conflict with others are outlined. 

In Part 4 we are joined by Bruce Burgess (National Director of PeaceWise) who shares valuable insights about preparing children and young people to be peacemakers. In his presentation Bruce introduces new material created for the school environment to teach children and young people the skills for conflict resolution.


Using the material from this event can be used to contribute to your ongoing professional learning as ‘Elective PD'.


This conference was devised as a series of four online webinars which can all be accessed below:

1Understanding Conflict: The Key Theological Principles with Rev Dr Keith Condie

2. Exploring Conflict: Implications for relationships in the workplace with Stephanie Schwarz and Rev David Coy

3. Resolving Conflict: Getting practical in the workplace and in our relationships with Stephanie Schwarz and Rev David Coy

4. Preparing Children and Young People to be Peacemaker with Bruce Burgess

Speaker: Rev Dr Keith Condie

Rev Dr Keith Condie is Co-Director/Founder with his wife Sarah of the Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute at Mary Andrews College. He has degrees in psychology, theology and history, and for his PhD, he looked at meditation in the thought of a 17th-century Puritan pastor, Richard Baxter. Keith has worked in child welfare for the state government as well as serving as an assistant minister in two churches in Sydney. For nearly 20 years, he was on the faculty at Moore Theological College as Dean of Students and lecturer in ministry and church history. Keith loves keeping fit but can also be found with a book or over the stove cooking dinner to honour the Condie’s Thursday night ritual of family dinners. Occasionally, he escapes to the coast for long walks along isolated beaches.

Speaker: Stephanie Schwarz

Steph Schwarz serves on the People Development and Care Team, SIM, to support the mental health of SIM’s global workers. Previously she served global workers providing psychological care as part of the SIM Ethiopia team. In her current role of Resilience Lead, Steph strengthens SIM to care for and develop its workers as they reach across barriers to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.  She works alongside many teams to build SIM’s global workers’ resilience. Steph also works as a psychologist at the Resilience Centre.

Speaker: Rev David Coy

David Coy works in biblical peacemaking, mentoring and professional supervision as Turning Point Ministry Services. He works with ministers, churches, couples and families. Previously he worked as an Anglican minister in various parts of Sydney, and as an independent church planter in a country NSW church. He is married to Noreen and they have four married daughters and five grandchildren.

Speaker: Bruce Burgess

Bruce Burgess is one of the founders of and the National Director of PeaceWise and is Australia’s first Certified Christian Conciliator™. He holds degrees in Arts, Law, Christian Studies and Theology. Bruce has extensive legal, risk and governance expertise, advising in these areas professionally on the day’s that he is not working for PeaceWise. Bruce’s peacemaking work has led him to

become involved in teaching and working with schools, workplace disputes, church and para-church based conflict and victim-offender cases. He is a sought after international speaker and his two particular areas of passion are working with organisations to build cultures of peace and teaching children peacemaking so that they become peacemakers for life. Bruce is married to Helen and they have two adult children.

Presentation Slides

We suggest that you download the slides and utilise them to take notes during the event. We cannot always guarantee the visual quality of the presentation as it relies on your technology that we are unable to control. If you experience any loss of quality in the visual transmission, having the slides on hand ensures you won't miss important details that are contained in the slides. The presentation slides will be made available before the event.

Session 1: Understanding Conflict - The Key Theological Principles

Session 2: Exploring Conflict - Implications for relationships in the workplace

Session 2: Additional Video Resources

Session 3: Resolving Conflict - Getting practical in the workplace & in our relationships

Session 3: Additional Video Resources

Session 4: Preparing children and young people to be peacemakers

Further readings

These readings have been chosen to help deepen your understanding of the content and can be used alongside each session.