2017 EdComm Dinner

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Reflecting on Christian Education in the UK & Australia

Dr Julie McGonigle, was Deputy Head (Academic Improvement) at St Andrew's Cathedral School. As keynote speaker at the 2017 EdComm Dinner, we asked Julie to draw from her a wealth of experience as a teacher and educative leader and to share her experience of Christian education in the UK and reflect on her time here in Australia. This was an inspired presentation that encouraged us to consider the opportunities we have to integrate the Gospel into the fabric of our schools and in our practice as educators. 

Keynote Speaker: Dr Julie McGonigle

BA (Hons) PGCE, Msc, DPhil (Oxon)

Julie McGonigle has been a teacher and school leader in England for the last seventeen years. She was part of the team that founded one of the first city academies in England, a school that went on to win a number of national prizes. Originally from Northern Ireland, Julie focussed her PhD thesis on the problems and processes of transforming religiously segregated schools into integrated schools. This work went on to inform both policy and practice in Northern Ireland, significantly increasing the number of integrated schools throughout the country. In 2017 Julie was seconded to St Andrew's Cathedral School as Deputy Head (Academic).

Keynote Address