2021 Governors' Symposium

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2021 Governors' Symposium

Why Anglican Schooling?

 Speaker: The Most Reverend Kanishka Raffel


The Anglican Church has been engaged in providing education to boys and girls in the Diocese of Sydney for well over a century. The independent sector today has numerous players, but in Sydney, Anglican Schools are making a significant contribution. What is the reason for the continuing investment in new and existing Anglican Schools? What is their contribution in the education sector and what role do they play in the mission of God?


Anglican EdComm recognises the important role that governance plays in shaping and directing the future of Anglican Schools. To support school governors Anglican EdComm hosts an annual evening directed at policy makers within each school community. It is important that we engage with the various issues that confront school governance in a mature and informed manner with a view to sharing God’s love with all concerned and framing appropriate policies and procedures for our respective schools. Anglican EdComm aims to address the issues by inviting keynote speakers and practitioners to address topics pertinent to the time. This year we are very pleased to welcome the Archbishop, The Most Reverend Kanishka Raffel to speak at the Governors' Symposium.


Speaker: The Most Reverend Kanishka Raffel

Kanishka Raffel is the Archbishop of Sydney. He was elected on May 6, 2021 and consecrated and inaugurated as Archbishop of Sydney on May 28, 2021 at St Andrew’s Cathedral. Kanishka Raffel was born in London to Sri Lankan parents and was raised as a Buddhist. While studying law at Sydney University a friend gave him a copy of The Gospel according to John and he subsequently became a Christian.

The Archbishop’s educational qualifications include: BA Hons Sydney (1987), LLB Sydney (1989), BD Hons Moore College (1996), Dip Min Moore College (1996), and MA (Theology) Moore College (2010).

Kanishka Raffel was ordained deacon in 1996 in Sydney and priest in 1996 in Canberra-Goulburn. He served at St. Matthew’s, Wanniassa (Canberra-Goulburn) between 1996-1999 before going west to Perth where he served as Rector of St. Matthew’s in Shenton Park between 1999-2015. 

In 2016 he commenced as Dean of Sydney, ministering to the regular congregations of St. Andrews Cathedral and serving the broader church and society through various civic and ceremonial functions. He was known for his eloquent and biblical sermons and warm evangelism. He oversaw the much-needed renovation of the Chapter House of the Cathedral and initiated new outreach activities such as the Cathedral City Care Rough Sleepers ministry to those sleeping rough. He has a good reputation for clear gospel presentations and winsome addresses at civic ceremonies involving national and international dignitaries. In addition to television and radio appearances, he has written public prayers for use in times of tragedy and hardship

Before becoming Archbishop, Kanishka was involved in wider Australian church life, including the General Synod Standing Committee, the Council of The Gospel Coalition Australia, the Board of GAFCON Australia, and as trustee to both the Anglican Relief and Development Fund Australia and Trinity Theological College, Perth. He sees the immediate priorities for the Sydney diocese as strengthening local churches, discipling the next generation, and raising up and training ministers of the gospel.

Kanishka is married to Cailey and they have two daughters. 

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