Banish Teacher Burnout (Lead)

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Banish Teacher Burnout:

The Secret of Long-Term Success for Educators (Lead)


Purpose of this course:

This course has been designed to give access to some of the current thinking on how to avoid burnout in the vocation of teaching. It is specifically designed for teachers professing a faith, as the research incorporates the concept of Spiritual Resources as a key contributor to resilience. The leadership level course incorporates elements of active leadership.


Course structure and timing:

Banish Teacher Burnout is a eight-hour, online course based on research carried out by Dr Grant Bickerton, Dr Barbara Griffin, Dr Maureen Miner-Bridges and Professor Martin Dowson. The course content is the same but the Learning tasks are differentiated for Proficient and Lead levels. It should be completed over a period of four weeks.

The course has three modules and involves Readings, Videos and Interactive Learning Tasks – discussions and reflection exercises that are an application of the learning to your own situation. All materials are included in the course.


Explicit course outcomes:

1. To develop a critical understanding of the place of spiritual resources in building resilience in the educator.
2. To reflect and set achievable personal goals for improving or sustaining resilience.


Course outline:

Module 1

This module begins with a personal reflection on the participant’s workplace stress points (Learning Task 1.1) and a self-evaluation of their personal engagement (Learning Task 1.2) using the same scales as Miner's research. Participants will then read an article.

Module 2

Module Two explores the research in this area. It begins with a summary of the key ideas, then participants will watch the video presentation from the EdComm Agora and have an opportunity to engage at a deeper level with the ideas presented by asking questions about the video (Learning Task 2.1). Participants are also able to review the accompanying slide presentation. Learning task 2.2 will ask participants to check their understanding. There are three short readings and participants will join a discussion in Learning Task 2.3.

Module 3

In this module participants will be applying their learning to their school situation. Learning Task 3.1 asks participants to review their self-evaluation and in the light of their learning set some goals for personal development. Learning Task 3.2 involves implementing a short intervention to assist some colleagues to improve the resilience of students. Participants will be asked to assess their own learning (Learning Task 3.3) and the course.


Course cost:

Anglican EdComm Member Schools: Complimentary

Anglican EdComm Individual Members: Complimentary

Non-member Schools: $320pp

Dates available:

May 10 to June 13, 2021

October 11 to November 14, 2021

Further information:

Once you have registered and paid you will be given access to EdComm's Learning Management System, where you will be able to work through the course material in a facilitated online learning community.


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