Leading from within (Lead)

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Leading from within:

The Challenges of Middle Leadership in a faith–based school (Lead)


Purpose of this course:

This course has been designed to give you access to some of the current thinking on the opportunities and challenges of integrating faith and leadership as a middle leader in a faith-based school. This course challenges leaders and aspiring leaders to reflect on their own practice as leaders and their personal skill set as well as identifying an area for personal improvement, setting improvement goals and changing their individual practice to achieve these goals. It helps leaders to use evidence in identifying challenges faced by Middle Leaders and to experience collaborative discussion of possible solutions and an opportunity to practice new skills. It directs participants’ thinking to embrace ideas presented in current leadership research and embed them into their practice.


The course structure and timing:

Leading from Within is a fifteen-hour, blended course written by Dr Christine Grice. This course requires a commitment of fifteen hours of reading, planning and active participation.

This includes:
• pre-reading – two hours
• a collegial day of interactive professional learning with a facilitator – five hours
• three two-hour online modules – six hours
• a collegial colloquium with other participants and a facilitator – two hours.

It should be completed within three months of beginning the course.

Note: Minimum 6 participants required for course to go ahead.
All materials are included in the course.


Explicit course outcomes:

Participants will:

  1. Develop a critical understanding of the significance of the school ethos or vision statement in the formation of leadership practices in a faith-based school and the relationship of vision to student performance and well-being.
  2. Explore what enables and what constrains leadership by Middle Leaders.
  3. Explore a personal leadership development challenge or school issue in the light of new understandings from the readings.
  4. Experience the value of collegial discussion around issues identified by participants.
  5. Share an understanding of an identified professional or leadership practice or a school based issue and together critique possible strategies to address the practice or issue.
  6. Keep each other accountable for presenting evidence based content and relating discussion of solutions to new learning from their practice and from the readings.


Success criteria:

  1. Participants will be able to articulate how Middle Leaders fit into the ethos of an Anglican School and what enables and constrains their leadership in this position.
  2. Participants will be able to articulate a current problem of practice for them as middle leaders and suggest strategies to address this issue.
  3. Participants will be able to articulate a contemporary issue they are dealing with (or may have to deal with) that challenges them as spiritual leaders, and suggest strategies for dealing with this issue.
  4. Participants will be able to identify an area of professional or leadership practice where they recognise a need for personal growth.
  5. Participants will present a leadership challenge and demonstrate how their learning in the module can be applied to addressing this issue.


Course outline:

Collegial day

Integrated nature of the AITSL Principal Standards; a leader shapes the ethos; leading as practice and developing a plausibility structure; a brief encounter with power.

Module 1

In this module participants will reflect on their own leadership identity in the light of the reading. They will then identify one area of their practice where they will lead differently and practice this adjustment.

Module 2

In this module participants will explore the significance of 'trust' in successful leadership. They will then, together with input from other staff, identify an area in their school where trust could be further developed.

Module 3

In this module participants will explore the place of vision and values in Middle leadership.

An applied learning experience of practice

This is the culmination of the learning where participants have the opportunity to choose an area of personal interest and relevance from either Module 1 or Module 2, trial the practice they have suggested, and present their thinking and findings to the group in a creative way.


Course cost:

Anglican EdComm Member Schools: Price by negotiation

Anglican EdComm Individual Members: Price by negotiation

Non-member Schools: $600pp

Dates available:

July 19 to December 5, 2021

Further information:

Once you have registered and paid you will be given access to EdComm's Learning Management System, where you will be able to work through the course material in a facilitated online learning community.


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