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Mentoring (for the Mentor) (Lead)

Course Code: AL1904


Purpose of this course:

The course has been designed to give you access to some of the current thinking on Mentoring and to give you a structured and resourced program to use in a formal mentoring agreement. The course is based on research in each of its respective areas as well as research on mentoring itself.


Course structure and timing:

Mentoring for the Mentor is a thirty-hour, blended companion course – one course for mentors and a companion course for mentees. It is designed to run for one year. Note: This is one of two companion courses that must be taken together by the mentor and the mentee.

The course is based on best practice and includes readings, video clips, discussions, action research, reflection and the application of all learning to classroom practice.


The course begins with a collegial day (one day face to face) which aims to develop a common understanding of:

  • the moral imperative
  • optimising outcomes for students
  • taking agency for making a difference
  • self-awareness of own effectiveness
  • professional conversations.


Alignment of:

  • personal philosophy of teaching and the school's mission statement
  • expectations and norms of mentor and mentee.


Development of key skills including:

  • communication
  • active listening
  • having a growth mindset
  • developing trust
  • reflective thinking
  • goal setting.


This course gives both the mentor and the mentee opportunities to learn and to reflect on their practice. Mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to interact with the latest best practice in:

  • lesson observation, lesson construction using learning intentions and success criteria that are linked to assessment and part of well sequenced learning, feedback (to students and staff), behaviour management;
  • the relational skills of listening and using the Ladder of Inference.

Mentees will enter into a mentoring relationship with their mentor who will complete a complementary course. The mentor-mentee relationship will be marked by clear, explicit and timely feedback and professional dialogue both with each other and in a learning-community established between members of the course.


Explicit course outcomes:

  1. To provide a structured and supported mentoring experience for mentors.
  2. To provide early career teachers with a positive structured and supported experience of being mentored.
  3. To give participants access to current ‘best practice’ in the teaching and learning areas of Lesson Observations, Learning Intentions, Scope and Sequence, Communication, Feedback and Behaviour Management.


Success criteria:

  1. Mentors actively engage with the material and with their mentee completing all learning tasks to a high standard and reporting high levels of satisfaction on their survey responses.
  2. Mentees actively engage with the material and with their mentor completing all learning tasks to a high standard and reporting high levels of satisfaction on their survey responses.


Course dates:

February 1 to December 12 2021


Course cost: 

Anglican EdComm Member Schools: Complimentary

Non-Member Schools: $1200 per mentor/mentee pair

Further information:

Once you have registered and paid you will be given access to EdComm's Learning Management System, where you will be able to work through the course material in a facilitated online learning community.


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