In Pursuit of Excellence (Proficient)

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In Pursuit of Excellence:

Laying the foundations for faith-based education in the 21st century

Course Code: PL2017


Purpose of this course:

This NESA accredited course is designed to consider how achievement is viewed within schools. Issues of identity, security, satisfaction, pride and glory are just some of the areas of life that are touched by achievement. Why do some people strive to achieve? Why do others not really care about achievement? Is one a right attitude and the other wrong? Is it godly to want to achieve great things? What is fuelling such a desire?


Nesa 17

Completing In Pursuit of Excellence will contribute 6 hours of NESA accredited PD addressing 6.2.2 and 6.3.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.


In Pursuit of Excellence is a six-hour, online course based on the Agora presented by Dr Constantine Campbell. It gives six hours of NESA-accredited learning at the Proficient level. It should be completed over a period of two weeks.


Click below to see a short segment of Dr Constantine Campbell's address at an EdComm Agora event.

The course has four modules and involves Readings, Videos and Interactive Learning Tasks – discussions and reflection exercises that are an application of the learning to your own situation. All materials are included in the course.


Explicit course outcomes:

  1. To develop a focused understanding of the importance of work and excellence in work (in its broadest sense).
  2. To develop a Biblical understanding of work and excellence.
  3. To facilitate participants' reflection on excellence in their own lives.
  4. To explore how achievement is experienced and expressed in the participant's school setting.


Success criteria:

  1. The participant can explain the interface between ability, opportunity, excellence and achievement in a short paragraph.
  2. The participant can explain why the Bible sees work as good and excellence as the standard.
  3. The participant can explain why work is often not experienced as good or completed to an excellent standard.
  4. The participant can recognise where in their own work and in other areas of their lives they do not aspire to excellence.
  5. The participant can outline how achievement is recognised in their school setting and recognise positive and negative attributes of this process.


Course outline:

Module 1

Module One develops an understanding of the concept of achievement and its relationship to excellence across all of life.

Participants watch Part A of the Agora video, read one blog and complete two short learning tasks.

Module 2

Module Two explores a Biblical perspective on achievement from both the Old and New testament.

Participants watch Part B of the Agora video, read six short blogs and complete three learning tasks.

Module 3

This module applies the learning to the teacher's personal life.

Participants watch Part C of the Agora video, read six short blogs and complete three learning tasks that ask them to apply their learning to their classroom practice and the culture of practice of their school.

Module 4

Module Four explores how achievement is pursued and celebrated in the classroom and within the wider school practices.

Participants complete two short readings and complete four learning tasks that again apply their learning to their classroom and their school.

Participants also reflect on their learning and evaluate the course and their own learning.


Course cost:

$120pp for Anglican EdComm Member Schools

$120pp for Anglican EdComm Individual Members

$240pp for Non-member Schools

Course launch:

October 11 – October 23 2020

Further information:

Once you have registered and paid you will be given access to EdComm's Learning Management System, where you will be able to work through the course material in a facilitated online learning community.


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