Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal

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Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal (Proficient)

Course Code: PL2022


Purpose of this course:

This course offers you the opportunity to interact with ideas about developing resilience that were developed originally by Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatte in 2002. During the stresses from the COVID-19 pandemic and the added responsibilities on teachers to develop and facilitate home-based learning programs, learning resilience skills are especially relevant.

The course will step you through eight skills and give you the opportunity to see how they work as you follow Alf and Gertrude on their journey of learning during the pandemic. You will then be given the opportunity to practise each skill in your own situation as you work toward skill mastery and a new level of personal resilience. The last skill will help you to implement the same skills in your classroom or pastoral care group to help students of any age to also grow their resilience.

Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal is an eight-hour, online course.

Click below to see a short segment of Valerie Ling's address at a recent EdComm Agora event.

Explicit course outcomes:

  1. To understand the relationship between an adversity (stressor), beliefs and consequences, or to understand how thoughts affect actions and responses
  2. To recognise eight common thinking traps
  3. To explore the influence of deeply-held beliefs (icebergs)
  4. To become adept at using skills to gain perspective
  5. To become cognisant with practical focusing and calming practices
  6. To learn how to use resilience skills with children


Course dates:

August 16 to September 26 2021


Course cost:

EdComm Member Schools: Complimentary

EdComm Individual Members: Complimentary

Non-member Schools/General Admission: $320 pp


Further information:

Once you have registered and paid you will be given access to EdComm's Learning Management System, where you will be able to work through the course material in a facilitated online learning community.


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