COVID-19, Anxiety & Resilience Resources

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Responding to Anxiety and Building Resilience - A Series of Curated Resources by EdComm


All of us at one time or another have been impacted by the effects of anxiety - either personally, or among people we live amongst. It is now beyond any doubt that all of us have been impacted by the current COVID-19 pandemic in some way. Anxiety and unusual events like COVID-19 have a surprising impact on our ability to be resilient. The same is also true for the practices and routines that we build into our lives. No matter what the event or issue educators are faced with increasing pressure to provide solutions to help the people around them - whether they be other staff, students or members of the parent body. This adds pressure to already crammed lives and workloads. If we are not careful we become victim of the very issues we are striving to help others avoid. Investing in your own capacity to be resilient is paramount - it is a tool that helps us go beyond 'just surviving' to thrive in our lives. Being proactive by providing ourselves with time to reflect and permission to care for ourselves is critical. At EdComm we strive to provide Christian educators with resources that provide practical support to enable you to represent Christ in the classroom and thrive in this broken world. In response to the current need we have curated a series of resources that will provide you with material to help you investing in your own positive self-care. We hope that you will find this resource library useful in your efforts to honour the Lord Jesus with all that you are and all that you have. 

By God’s grace we are not what we once were. Nor are we yet what we will be. But, having been loved with perfect affection, redeemed at great expense, and given new life, we live today because today matters and eternity awaits.

Donald Guthrie