Biblical Studies Framework

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A Biblical Studies Framework

Anglican EdComm has produced this Biblical Studies Framework in response to requests from secondary Biblical Studies teachers. Some schools may embrace the framework in its entirety while others may use it as a stimulus or a reference point for the gradual revision of their existing programs. The framework is not intended to be definitive nor mandatory. It is not a syllabus. The scope and sequence, or ‘course outline’ as it is described on pages 25-30 is just one way of illustrating the assumptions, objectives and principles discussed in the preceding pages. It is these assumptions and principles which are the most important component of the document. 

The framework has been developed under the leadership of Ruby Holland through consultation with scores of teachers and school chaplains. Anglican EdComm appreciates the ideas, questions and suggestions offered by the teachers who took time out of their busy schedules to reflect on the different draft versions which preceded the present version.

It is envisaged that this edition of the framework will undergo further revision and refinement over the next few years as teachers experiment with it. It is also our intention to extend the framework to cover Years K-6 and Years 11-12 in the near future. 

We trust that God will use the framework for the extension of his kingdom.

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