Royale Ormsby Martin Lecture Series

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About the Royale Ormsby Martin Trust

This trust was set up in June 1976 by Richard Arthur Ormsby Martin in memory of his wife Royale. The purpose of the Trust is the promotion, maintenance and advancement of Christian Education by means of the Royale Ormsby Martin Lecture.

The subject matter of this Lecture 'shall be Christian Education including its relevance to the Independent school system'. Each lecture is held within five years of the previous one.

Previous Lectures in the series include:

  • William E.C. Anderson - From Gospel into Education: Exploring a Translation
  • Alan A. Langdon - The Anatomy of Religious Education in Schools
  • Ross F. McDonald - The school at worship
  • Bryan Cowling - Turning the teaching paradigm on its head: the implications of an outcomes driven approach to Christian education
  • Trevor Cooling - Slaying the Dragon of Moral Relativism: Relativism in School and Community
  • Maurice Saxby - Surprised by Joy: Children, Text and Identity
  • Francis Bridger - Opening Windows into Heaven
  • Glenn N. Davies-  Our Children - Mission or Nurture
  • Peter Corney - The Challenge and Opportunities of Generation Y for Christian Education
  • Mark Stephens - Teaching for Humanity

Below you can access the text and resources from previous lectures. Unfortunately some of these lecture have been lost over time.