Promoting Teaching as a Vocation

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Addressing the shortage of Christian teachers

“To have a Christian vocation to teach is to be called to a transforming, professional ministry. It is to have the privilege of being able to work out our loyalty to God in the cause of the common educational good.” Professor Trevor Cooling. Professor of Christian Education at the National Institute for Christian Research, Canterbury Christ Church University UK

A 2015 report commissioned by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) predicts we will need an additional 1,627 Primary classes each year for 10 years to cater for approximately 400,000 additional Primary-aged students by 2025. This is without mentioning the increasing number of secondary school teachers that will be required in Australian schools. Collective advocacy by Christian educators is a practical way for us to begin to address the shortage.

Our hope is that we can attract the best and brightest young people to consider teaching as a career but more importantly to see teaching as a ministry vocation. The most powerful tool we have for encouraging young Christians and career-change Christians to consider teaching are the positive examples and experiences of current educators!

What opportunities do we have each day? 

  • We model our faith through our actions and words in our school communities. 
  • We have opportunities to speak about why we love our work. 
  • We can positively advocate for our students to thoughtfully consider training as a teacher. 
  • We can speak positively about our work to family and friends so that those who feel called to change careers understand the opportunities for ministry that are available in education.

Anglican EdComm has produced the video below as a way for schools, Christian groups at universities, and parishes, to encourage people to consider teaching as a vocation.